£40m target for spare room firm

Fleetwood Town FC owner Andrew Pilley
Fleetwood Town FC owner Andrew Pilley
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STARTED in a spare bedroom less than 10 years ago, Business Energy Solutions now expects to turn over close to £40m this year – and continue expanding.

Founded by Fleetwood Town FC owner Andrew Pilley and his sister Michelle Davidson, the firm has evolved from an energy brokerage for businesses into a commercial electricity and gas supplier set to take on the energy giants which have ruled the sector for so long.

The utilities firm, based in offices in Hawking Place, is set for further expansion, with up to 70 of its workforce set to move into new offices in Fleetwood Town Football Club’s new £5m facilities.

Mr Pilley, 40, said: “It’s hard work but exciting. To come from a small family firm to having 200 employees and a turnover in the tens of millions is fantastic.”

The decision in March last year to expand into the electricity market as a supplier has reaped massive dividends for the firm – almost doubling its business in a year.

Customer numbers rose from 5,000 to 11,000 as a result of the latest evolution in the firm, which initially started out selling telecommunications as a broker.

Mr Pilley, from Cleveleys, said: “We added 5,000 customers to take us to around 11,000.

“We expect to turn over £40m this year and as much as £65m next year.

“We are bucking the national trend – growing quickly and long may that continue.

“The growth has been measured though and handled in a controlled way.”

The firm currently has nine or 10 sales teams operating at any one time.

Although no firm numbers can be put on the firm’s expansion in the next 12 months, more jobs are likely to be created.

Mr Pilley said: “There are going to be more jobs – we will need bigger teams as we achieve more customers.

“The more we have, the more staff we will take on.

“We may become such an irritant to the big boys they eventually try and buy us out. Or we could float the company.

“But we are relatively young as company directors and we are enjoying the ride.”