Bus driver failed to stop after hitting dog

Sasha the 22-month bulldog cross who was killed by a bus in Blackpool in front of owner Steve Savage
Sasha the 22-month bulldog cross who was killed by a bus in Blackpool in front of owner Steve Savage
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A distraught dog owner has described how a bus driver failed to stop after running over his beloved pet.

Steve Savage says waiting passengers watched in horror as the 2C route bus collided with his 22-month bulldog cross Sasha.

He claims the bus driver should have stopped after the accident. Sasha’s injuries proved to be fatal.

Bob Mason, managing director of Blackpool Transport, said the incident which happened on Dinmore Avenue, Grange Park, was “regrettable”.

He said that after reviewing CCTV footage of the incident, following a complaint by an eyewitness, he was satisfied the driver was not to blame.

Sasha jumped over Mr Savage’s garden fence in Dinmore Avenue, to chase a cat, while her owner was mowing the lawn.

The cat ran into the road in front of the bus with Sasha following. The bus driver said he saw the cat but did not spot Sasha chasing.

Mr Savage said: “It was a terrible thing to have happened.

“The driver must have known he had hit Sasha.

“He should have stopped, she deserved that. She was a good dog.

“The accident happened in front of a queue of people at the bus stop and there were children who would have seen it.

“I had to take her to the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) with a broken back to have her put to sleep. She was a mess.”

The retired 65-year-old added: “If you are driving a vehicle, especially a bus, you should have your wits about you.

“Sasha is the size and weight of a small child – the driver must have heard something.

“Sasha was dragged for at least 30 yards and the bus didn’t even slow down.”

Mr Savage had only owned Sasha since Easter when a friend asked him if he could look after the dog.

He said: “I didn’t want another dog after my other two died but when I saw her it was love at first sight. I don’t blame the driver, I just wish he had stopped.

“She was a big softy and a lovely dog, she loved kids. When the kids saw this they were crying their eyes out.

“If the driver had stopped at the time, none of this would have come about.

“Not stopping was very unprofessional and thoughtless.”

Mr Savage had been trying to get Sasha out of the habit of chasing cats in the weeks leading up to the accident.

Mr Mason said: “Yes, there was an incident, allegedly the dog was chasing a cat. The driver of the bus saw the cat which ran out in front of him but did not see the dog.

“He wasn’t aware of what had happened until a neighbour of Mr Savage contacted us.

“The driver has been fully investigated and CCTV has been reviewed. The events correspond with the driver’s account.”