‘Burglary suspect’ chased his accuser with a knife

Paul Marshall was sentenced to 14 months in jail
Paul Marshall was sentenced to 14 months in jail
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A thug armed with a knife chased a man who had accused him of carrying out a burglary, a court was told.

Paul Marshall charged after the man down an alley and halfway up a road during the 30-second pursuit.

They were accusing the defendant of committing a burglary

And while on bail for that offence, Marshall landed himself in more trouble when he stole a mobile phone.

He was given a total of 14 months in jail when he appeared for sentencing at Preston Crown Court.

The 30-year-old, of High Street, Blackpool, had pleaded guilty to offences of threatening with a bladed article and theft.

The knife incident took place in June last year.

Tony Longworth, prosecuting, said a man’s home had been burgled, and it was believed the defendant might have been one of those responsible.

An eyewitness on Bond Street saw Marshall chasing another man, while holding a large kitchen knife, probably a bread knife, in his hand.

The other man disappeared into an alleyway, and Marshall walked back on to Bond Street and eventually went into a building.

“There was talk of a home having been burgled.

“They were accusing the defendant of committing a burglary”, said Mr Longworth.

The prosecution said there was no evidence Marshall had committed a burglary.

The knife he had on him was found.

The defendant told police the other man had turned up at a friend’s home making threats, so he had picked up a knife and chased him from the address with it.

He was on bail over that incident when the theft took place in September.

Marshall said he had been to an address on Lord Street, where his mother had been visiting, when he found a mobile on the stairs and took it. He believed the phone was worth around £400 and decided to keep it.

He had a number of previous convictions to his name, the court was told.

Waheed Omran-Baber, defending, said in the first incident, accusations had been flying and Marshall armed himself with a knife in a “sheer moment of stupidity”.

Mr Omran-Baber told the court: “He has an appalling record for dishonesty, he is the first to acknowledge that.

“It would appear that very little can break the cycle, but he is growing up”.