Bungling teenager robs girl but is snared by his ‘to do’ list

Bungling: Zach Jackson
Bungling: Zach Jackson
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A bungling teenager who robbed a woman walking home late at night was collared - after he made a checklist of how to commit a crime.

When police checked Zach Jackson’s home they found a notebook bearing several instructions.

The list read:

Wear black clothes.


Warm up before doing it.

Watch out for CCTV.


The word ‘phones’ was also added to the page.

Jackson, 19, had slapped a 19-year-old woman, sexually assaulted her and grabbed her phone while she was walking in the George Street area of the resort on December 14.

Her father used a signal to check the location of the phone and Jackson was traced by police.

When they searched his home they found the notebook containing the damning five point list.

He has now been detained for three years.

Jackson, who was 18 at the time of the offences, from Palatine Road, Blackpool had pleaded guilty to robbery and sexual assault.

He also admitted attempting to possess cocaine with intent to supply.

Roger Brown, prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, said the victim had been out drinking with friends and tried to phone her father for a lift, but wasn’t able to contact him.

She began walking home and went down Talbot Road and then into George Street.

She described seeing a male stood on the corner, tucked into the doorway of a house and on a phone.

The female asked him for a cigarette and he said ‘no’.

She said ‘OK’ and carried on walking.

She walked the distance of about two houses and was then aware of slapping him across the face, but couldn’t say why she had done that.

Jackson said to her “How dare you ... slap me” and slapped her back so hard that it caused her to fall to her knees.

She had her mobile in her right hand and her bag in her left hand.

The defendant bent over, put his hand under her clothing and sexually assaulted her, the court was told.

He then grabbed her mobile phone and ran up the street, towards Buchanan Street.

While this had been taking place she had been on the phone to her boyfriend, who heard her say something like “What are you doing?”

Her father used a signal which disclosed where the phone was when it was switched on.

Police went and spoke to a male who had the stolen phone.

As a result, police went on to trace Jackson.

The notebook containing the five point list was found in his home.

The drug offence had been carried out on Merseyside in July last year. The defendant said he had been told to deliver a drug package to someone outside a supermarket, but then lost the package on the way.

He had feared for his safety if he had not done as told.

Rachel Woods, defending, said Jackson had been very fearful of the consequences if he didn’t comply with the direction to deliver the package of crack cocaine.

She said the list found at his address did not indicate he had been planning a sex assault, rather it seemed to indicate the idea of a robbery.

“He did not seek out the female. There is no evidence to suggest he had been stalking or following her.

“She had asked him for a cigarette. What happened was opportunistic.

“She had one of the latest iPhones and he had taken a fancy to it. He went on to sexually assault her.

“His guilty pleas have spared the young woman from having to come to court to give evidence about the matter.”

Miss Woods said there had been a sea change in Jackson’s attitude, shown by a letter he had written to the court.

Judge Anthony Russell QC acknowledged that the robbery and sex assault, carried out late at night in the street, but have been a terrifying episode for the victim.

“You specifically targeted a vulnerable victim”, he told Jackson.

“I accept your remorse for these offences is genuine.

“If what you say in your letter to the court is genuine, then there is some hope for the future. If it isn’t and you don’t want to put these sort of matters behind you, you will face a long life of going in and out of prison.”

Jackson will be on the Sex Offender’s Register indefinitely.