Builders have the government ‘by throat’ – MP

Fylde MP Mark Menzies
Fylde MP Mark Menzies
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Housing developers who drip feed a supply of new homes on to the market have got the Government “by the throat” a Fylde coast MP has warned.

Mark Menzies urged the Government to ‘get tough’ with developers who he said are undermining efforts to boost the number of homes in the UK.

He told MPs that many housebuilders in his constituency of Fylde complete 30 to 40 properties a year, regardless of market conditions, in an effort to keep demand high.

He added: “What that means is it makes it more difficult to deliver against the five-year housing supply number and the annual build target that the council has.

“Frustratingly it does nothing to make houses more affordable for local people because the prices keep on going up and up and up.

“The whole aim of the Government of making houses affordable is being robbed by the fact that we are dependent on a large number of developers who have got us by the throat and they decide how many houses end up in the local supply chain and nobody else.”

He told planning minister Gavin Barwell: “I urge the minister - get tough with the developers. It should not be down to developers to dictate planning policy and to decide ultimately what is going to happen. We are the Government, we decide and it’s something we care passionately about.”