Brutal attack left victim without a sense of smell

Attack victim Geraldine Faber
Attack victim Geraldine Faber
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A violent partner who broke his ex-girlfriend’s nose leaving her with no sense of smell has been jailed.

David Darbyshire, 44, was convicted of causing law student Geraldine Faber actual bodily harm after launching a violent attack on her in her own home.

This was a very serious incident of domestic violence

During the attack, Miss Faber was so terrified she tried to leave the house with her baby son and another child who had been staying overnight.

But after a night drinking heavily in a local pub, Darbyshire, of Louise Street, Blackpool, set upon the mum-of-two when she asked him to leave her home in September last year.

He punched her to the end of her nose, causing fractures which needed plastic surgery to repair and launched a second blow to the side of her head as she telephoned for the police.

As Miss Faber tried to stem the bleeding from her nose she tried to gather up the two young children to take them to a place of safety but Darbyshire had locked the doors.

He denied the charge throughput the trial but has now been sentenced to 36 weeks in prison after being convicted by the jury at Preston Crown Court.

Judge Philip Sycamore, sentencing, said: “This was a very serious incident of domestic violence.

“The court of appeal has made it abundantly clear that those who involve themselves in domestic violence, particularly where there are aggravating features as there are in this case with the assault taking place in the complainant’s own home while there were children present, in circumstances where she felt she had to leave the property, and where there is an ongoing effect, including the need for corrective surgery, go to custody.”

Miss Faber has had operations to repair her injuries and almost a year after the attack her sense of smell and taste have not returned.

Speaking after the sentence, she said: “I am just so glad he has been sent to prison,

“He has had a year of freedom, going on holiday and doing what he likes but it has cast a dark cloud over my year.

“I am just glad justice has been done.”