Bright spark way ahead of his time

Charlie Warburton who is three years ahead in his maths studies.
Charlie Warburton who is three years ahead in his maths studies.
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MATHS could add up to a great future for 13-year-old Charlie Warburton.

For the wizard with sums just started his A Level maths studies - three years ahead of time.

Because of his talent, the pupil at Cardinal Allen RC High School, Fleetwood, took his GCSE and breezed through the challenge to gain an A* - also three years ahead of the calendar.

He has also out-scored his headteacher in a national maths challenge.

And for those who can follow him, he will explain his theory of Pythagorean triads.

Charlie lives at Aintree Road, Thornton, and his mum Fenella Warburton said: “He was good at sums from a very early age.

“At junior school it was picked up - they saw he was good at maths and encouraged it.

“He has always been a bright kid and he’s pretty good at most subjects.

“He enjoys it. He looks at sums differently and he really understands maths.

”I’m very proud of him and he is looking forward to the A Level.

“He does know he would like to go to Oxford to study maths or science but he has not thought any further than that.”

He came in the top 30 of the National Maths Challenge, an event open to all schools in the country

In doing so he out-did head teacher Phil Mooney.

Mr Mooney said: “It’s a very hard paper and speed plays a part as well.

“I took the paper at the same time and be did better than me - and I am a mathematician.

“I have seen this sort of thing before in my career, but at the moment Charlie is exceptional.

“We gave him extra tuition outside his lessons to help him get over the line.”

Charlie’s A-Level studies will be done at Cardinal Allen, thanks to a special link formed with Blackpool Sixth Form College.

Mr Mooney expects him to take two years over the A Level course.

He added: “It’s great having such a talented pupil.

“He is a great example and a role model for other pupils.”

Charlie said: “I’ve always been good at maths.

“I didn’t find the GCSE too hard.

“In the future I would like to do a Masters or Doctorate, but after that I don’t know.”