Brian awaits sea wall time capsule

Brian Riley is looking forward to seeing his capsule in the old Fleetwood sea wall.
Brian Riley is looking forward to seeing his capsule in the old Fleetwood sea wall.
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The last surviving member of the team who hid a time capsule in the sea wall at Rossall is hoping to be reunited with it when work to rebuild it begins next year.

When work to improve the Fleetwood’s sea defences get underway, it will be 50 years since Brian Riley and his colleagues concealed a small box somewhere between Rossall Hospital and Chatsworth Avenue.

The 70-year-old, who lives on Highcroft Avenue, Bispham, worked on the sea wall for six years between 1962 and 1968.

In 1964, he said, the workers decided to stow a time capsule in a concrete plinth.

Mr Riley said: “We put a copy of The Gazette, some money and all sorts of different things in there.

“We put in a few photographs, anything we had that day to remind us what year it was. There was a note that we put in saying it was us that worked there.

“We put it in a brass box, about six inches by four inches – I’m sure it will still be there because it was well protected.”

And with workers set to start work on the wall as part of an £86m scheme to boost sea defences along the Fylde coast, Mr Riley said the time capsule may finally resurface.

And if it does, he is keen to be reunited with the box he last laid eyes on half a century ago.

He said: “I’m sure the workers will uncover it.

“It will be interesting to see it again if they do.

“I’m looking forward to finding out if they find it.”

The work on the sea defences is expected to start early next year and take around three years to complete.

The £86m scheme will see a 2km stretch of the sea wall upgraded between Rossall Hospital and Fleetwood Golf Club as well another 1km at Anchorsholme.

The funding was announced by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs earlier this year.

The project aims to protect 12,000 properties, 7,500 of them in Rossall, from flooding.

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