Breathing easy as bin problem solved

Christopher Leach outside his flat on Cedar Square, Blackpool
Christopher Leach outside his flat on Cedar Square, Blackpool
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A BLACKPOOL flat tenant was left delighted after The Gazette stepped in to help solve a messy problem.

Chris Leach, 31, lives in a flat on Cedar Square in the town centre and was told he had to store bags full of rubbish in his home because he had no bin outside his property.

But after The Gazette contacted Blackpool Council, bosses met with Mr Leach and they provided him with a bin and a key to access a disposal site at the back of his flat.

For almost a year the authority did not provide Mr Leach with any alternative and he was unable to put rubbish out until the night before collections in case animals tore open bags.

Mr Leach, who lives in the flat with girlfriend Amanda Baldwin, 21, said: “I’m really pleased it’s all been sorted out and it’s a year of hassle over for me.

“We have talked and met with the council and they’ve approved a place where I can finally store the waste.

“The council told me the lorries which come around collecting are not fitted with anything for wheelie bins and they’re only used for bag collections, but that can’t be possible because there are wheelie bins dotted around the area.”

The Salvation Army volunteer is a short walk away from a waste disposal site at the back of his property, but was denied access by the council who would not provide him with a key.

The problem was first reported in May, however the complaint was turned away and Mr Leach was left to store rubbish in his home.

He added: “We kept control of the smell with deodorant but it was causing a problem for the restaurant downstairs.

“It’s a huge problem because quite often, in between the time they do come and collect the bags, it attracts ants and rodents.”

A spokesman for Blackpool Council said: “We have been out to meet Mr Leach and are pleased we have been able to find a solution he is happy with.

“Not all properties in Blackpool can have a conventional wheelie bin, but we do try where possible to provide this facility.”