Brave girl runs in memory of beloved mum

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A brave Blackpool girl joined a 1,000 others in a Prom run to raise money for charity in memory of her terminally ill mother.

Katie Hanson, 10, was just six weeks old when she lost her mum Michelle to a brain tumour.

Now she has promised to raise money alongside her seven-year-old cousin Charlie Williams to help support the hospice where her mum spent time during her final months.

Katie and Charlie took part in Trinity Hospice’s annual Santa Dash on Sunday, where more than 1,000 charity supporters dressed in red jackets and pointed Father Christmas hats made a mad dash down Blackpool Promenade from Sandcastle Waterpark to Central Pier to raise money for hospice patients.

The young pair, who go to Devonshire Primary School, Layton, raised more than £500 towards the hospice’s £30,000 goal.

Katie’s cousin Danielle Litster, 29, said: “They handed sponsor forms into their school and local sandwich shop Griddle Girls as well as going around the neighbourhood asking people to sponsor them.

“People have a lot of sympathy for Katie knowing that she lost her mum at six weeks old.

“I thought money would be a bit tight with it being close to Christmas but not one person turned us away.

“I’m really proud of them. For two kids that age to raise that much is amazing.”

Katie said: “We wanted to raise money for Trinity Hospice because its where my mum went before she died and we know how much good work they do.

“We just want to continue the good work and help other people with illnesses.

“I think my mum would be really proud of us.”