Brave Charly: ‘I’ll be walking in six months’

Mum of two, Charly Johnson is recovering in hospital after suffering a severe sepsis infection
Mum of two, Charly Johnson is recovering in hospital after suffering a severe sepsis infection
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A brave Blackpool mum who lost three of her limbs to a deadly blood infection is looking forward to getting used to walking again.

Charly Babington, 41, fell into a coma and was kept on life-support for 23 days after suffering from a serious bacterial blood infection in June.

When she woke up, her hands and feet were black, and she was told she would have to undergo three amputations.

Now, four months later, the mum-of-two is back home – and getting used to her new prosthetic limbs.

She said: “I just want to adapt and get on with my life.

“I walked on my new legs for the first time last Friday.

“I’m not on them full time just yet. They’re quite heavy to start with and I only went on them for an hour or so.

“I’m feeling very confident that I shall be up and walking within six months time.”

Charly, who worked as a cleaner in North Shore before suffering sepsis, had both her legs amputated in September, and her left arm and four fingers on her right hand amputated last month.

She checked herself out of Royal Preston Hospital on Friday and is now back in Blackpool, undergoing rehabilitation at Blackpool Victoria Hospital while she searches for a new, accessible home with daughter Katie, 10, and son Shaun, 12.

She said: “They are absolutely fantastic.

“They have been helping me with my hair and they’ve taken it all on the chin. It’s like I’ve got two little carers.

“We spent the weekend together; we ate pizza and watched TV.

“It was so normal - exactly how you’d imagine your typical Saturday night.

“I didn’t tell them I was coming home so it was a huge surprise for them.

“Now I’m back on my home turf I’m feeling better not only physically but mentally. I’d like to think I could go back to work eventually.

“I’m feeling very positive. This isn’t going to keep me down. It can’t, when I have two children to look after.

“I’ve just got to take things one day at a time.”