Bowley: Questions remain unanswered at Blackpool

Glenn Bowley
Glenn Bowley
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Blackpool fans today said major questions remain unanswered from club bosses.

Chairman of Blackpool Supporters’ Association Glenn Bowley said: “We can talk about money, we can talk about the club having money in the bank but the bottom line is the football team is bottom of the division.

“For the last two years it has failed to perform.

“That is due to a lack of investment in the team. Unless investment is made in the team in terms of short and long-term signings, we will get relegated.

“The football team is struggling and investment has to be made.”

He also questioned Mr Oyston’s assessment of the club’s current situation.

“To talk of making the play-offs is not even optimistic,” he added, “it’s a bit ludicrous, 
if I’m honest.

“We should be setting our sights higher than just staying up but a catalogue of errors and a lack of investment in the team has left us in 
this position.

“If they have spent £47m on players in the last three years, clearly they have wasted a lot of money.

“What they need to be saying is what they are going to do to grow the club and develop it.

“Where is the legacy from being in the Premier League? What is Owen Oyston’s five-year plan for Blackpool FC?”