Boss hits out at bus vandals

Trevor Roberts -managing director of Blackpool Transport.
Trevor Roberts -managing director of Blackpool Transport.
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A TRANSPORT boss has hit out at the “mindless idiots” who put his staff’s lives on the line.

Vandals repeatedly hurl objects at Blackpool Transport’s buses – and thugs left one passenger injured and others severely shaken after a metal bolt was launched through a window this week.

And now the firm’s boss, Trevor Roberts (pictured), has revealed drivers face around 60 similar incidents a year, leaving the bus company with a repair bill that runs into tens of thousands of pounds.

Mr Roberts said: “There was a stone smashed through a window on Monday in Layton, and more seriously on Tuesday night in Layton we had a metal bolt through the window which actually hit somebody and injured them.

“There were a few people shaken up on the bus because it’s very frightening, you would not expect to be sat on public transport and that sort of thing to happen.

“It shocks you because it’s so sudden and almost an explosion in terms of the noise it makes.”

Tuesday’s attack happened at around 8pm as the bus travelled along Lytham Road, in South Shore.

Although one passenger was injured Mr Roberts said nobody on board required hospital treatment.

But he said one day the consequences of the vandals actions could be devastating.

Mr Roberts added: “Fortunately in many of these incidents people don’t get hurt.

“The danger is one of these days a brick or a stone will hit the driver and he will veer off the road. It’s really serious stuff and these people don’t realise the potential of what they are doing. They are mindless idiots.”

Both the buses which were attacked this week were brand new single-decker buses.

As well as the potential danger to the driver and passengers, Blackpool Transport are left with hefty repair bills every time an attack happens.

Mr Roberts estimates it costs around £1,000 every time a window is damaging, meaning a total repair bill of around £60,000 every year.

Each bus also spends between one and two days off the road every time it is attacked.

Monday’s incident took place on Westcliffe Drive, Layton, between 3pm and 4pm and caused a side window to smash. The youth responsible ran off. Police are investigating both incidents.