Boat yard blaze leaves cylinders 'unstable and at risk of explosion'

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A fire at a Wyre boat yard spread this afternoon, leaving cylinders in a shipping container at risk of exploding, the fire service said.

Three fire engines - from Blackpool and Bispham stations - were called to Skippool Creek at around 2.35pm, crew manager Michael Dawson said.

"The fire was involving some tyres that had accidentally set on fire from a smaller fire the owner of the yard was having," he said.

"Unfortunately that spread to the container."

He said the crews put the fire out quickly but had to spend around two-and-a-half hours cooling the cylinders down to a safe temperature.

They are 'unstable and can explode' if they get too hot, he added.

"The advice is if you are having a fire, make sure it's in control and you have a way to extinguish it if you need to."

Nobody was hurt.