Boarded-up dogs ‘making progress’

Dogs Jack (right) and Vera at RSPCA Longview.
Dogs Jack (right) and Vera at RSPCA Longview.
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TWO dogs left fighting for their lives after they were abandoned in a barn are making steady progress in their recovery.

Jack – a four-year-old Spaniel – and two-year-old Vera – a Lhasa Apso, were found by a member of the public in a boarded up barn at Burrows Farm, Burrows Lane, Hambleton.

Both dogs were discovered emaciated with matted fur and suffering from a skin condition and eye infection.

They were taken immediately to Longview Animal Centre on Division Lane, Blackpool, for treatment and concerns were raised about how long they could have survived if they had not been found.

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: “The dogs are doing really well and they are getting better.

“They are being kept in isolation at the moment while we check them over.

“We don’t know if there’s anything wrong with them or what issues they have but they are being regularly checked by the vets.

“They are receiving plenty of food and water to get them back to health.

“We are trying to trace the owners and have launched an investigation but the dogs had no tags or micro-chips which would have speeded up and assisted the process.”

Since being admitted to the care of the RSPCA, Jack and Vera have been kept in an separate unit where they can receive urgent care.

They will both remain in the care of the inspectors for at least two weeks – which is standard practice – while they are watched by vets and RSPCA staff before being considered for re-homing.

The RSPCA is urging residents who want to re-home Jack and Vera to refrain from contacting Longview Animal Centre until they are released from isolation.

A decision will not be made on their future until the inspectors hand them over to the main section of the Blackpool RSPCA centre and staff are unable to answer calls about the duo until they are officially in the care of the Blackpool staff.

The inspectors are still appealing for anyone with information to contact Insp Andrea Gillet on 0300 1234 999.