Blown sand misery sparks action calls

High winds cause sand to blow across Clifton Drive in Blackpool
High winds cause sand to blow across Clifton Drive in Blackpool
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CALLS are being made to stop wind-blown sand making life a misery for seafront residents.

Thousands of pounds is being ploughed into clean-up operations to remove sand from St Annes roads – but now community leaders want to see a more long-term solution implemented.

Last month, more than 2,000 tonnes of sand was collected from the town’s streets and Coun Tony Ford, who represents Ashton ward, said he had been inundated with complaints from residents about the volume of sand on the pavements.

Prisoners from HMP Kirkham have been drafted in to help clear more sand, but Coun Ford said: “Residents are fed up with a lack of effective action in addressing the problems of wind-blown sand.

“While is it very much appreciated more efforts are being made to clear the sand through the use of inmates from Kirkham Prison, action needs to be taken to lower the height of at least one of the dunes which is encroaching on the North Beach car park.

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“Attempts should also be made to block up some of the blow-holes, fence off sections and plant them up with the appropriate grasses and other vegetation to stabilise them, and to reduce the amount of wind-blown sand.

“I’ve been asking for action on this since I was first elected in 2007. There seems to be too many agencies involved but little action.”

The problem will be presented to members of the council’s community focus scrutiny committee next week, and they are being asked to provide feedback on how the issue should be managed in the future.

Residents living adjacent to the beach at Summerfields complained earlier this year after being forced to fork out hundreds of pounds to have the sand cleared from their gardens.

Other homeowners clear their gardens themselves and dump the sand on the pavement, causing more problems for the council.

The issue will be debated by the committee in St Annes Town Hall at 6.15pm on Tuesday, February 28.

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