Blondes CAN have more fun!

Rebecca Copsey,  who has won through to the final of the Miss Fylde Coast competition.
Rebecca Copsey, who has won through to the final of the Miss Fylde Coast competition.
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Becky the blonde bombshell

Rebecca Copsey is hoping to buck the trend in this year’s Miss Fylde Coast competition, aiming to become the first blonde winner of the beauty contest.

The former Hodgson High pupil says she was delighted to get through the semi-finals of the pageant, after the interview stage and now has her sights firmly set on the grand final, on May 11.

To prepare for the big night she will be carrying out fund-raising for the Variety Club Children’s charity and putting together an ‘eco-outfit’ – which uses recycled or recyclable materials.

This year, the Miss 
Fylde Coast contest is being filmed for a documentary programme, to be shown 
on Channel 4.

Rebecca, who works as an administrator and lives in Staining, is no stranger to beauty contests – having 
entered Miss Blackpool three times, as well as Miss Preston and Miss North West.

She said: “I first started in competitions in 2010. I had 
actually gone to the Miss Blackpool heat to watch my friend compete.

“And I decided to give it a go myself and I really enjoyed it.

“I think some people have a misconception about competitions and what they are all about.

“Taking part in the competitions has really boosted my confidence.

“When I look back to the first ones I did, I was a girl 
really and now I feel I have matured into a young woman.

“It’s helped me grow up and believe in myself.

“And I have made so many good friends through taking part.

“Plus there is also the element of the charity work.

“I am working on the fund-raising with a group of friends I have made through competitions – we are hoping to organise a fashion show and a Big One sponsored ride too.

“We’re really excited about it all.

“It’s amazing to be part of it all really.

“And this year the competition is being filmed for a TV show, so that’s even more exciting.

“All the previous winners of Miss Fylde Coast have been brunettes. So I would really like to be the first blonde to win it!”