Blackpool tramway scores highly

A Blackpool tram
A Blackpool tram
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Satisfaction levels remain high for tram passengers in Blackpool.

The latest Tram Passenger Survey, by Transport Focus, shows Blackpool Transport has an overall 95 per cent satisfaction rate for journeys.

Their overall scores are well over the 90 per cent mark

The company scored above the national average in all categories, recording an increase in its rating for waiting times.

The survey covers the tram networks in Blackpool, Edinburgh, Greater Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield and the West Midlands.

David Sidebottom, Transport Focus director, said: “Tram travel is becoming a benchmark for excellence in transport success.

“Their overall scores are well over the 90 per cent mark.

“By comparison our latest bus survey is 87 per cent and train survey 81 per cent.”

Length of time waiting for the tram and punctuality were key factors for satisfaction.