Blackpool Tache: Safest club of all!

CLUB-goers have jumped to the defence of a Blackpool nightspot facing a closure order from the council.

Rock venue The Tache has had its licence suspended for 14 days after bosses were accused of putting public safety at risk.

The police also told a Blackpool licensing panel there had been a number of assaults at the Cookson Street venue.

But many regulars at The Tache have responded with astonishment.

They have described the venue as "one of the friendliest, safest clubs" which for some is "the only place I actually feel safe in town".

Another regular to have posted a comment on The Gazette's website added: "There is hardly ever any violence."

Neil Hunter, of rock band Hooker which has performed as The Tache, compared it to venues in America in terms of musical influence.

He said: "In the rock community it is as famous as The Tower. The Tache is indeed legendary, up with London's Marquee, New York's C.B.G.C.'s and Los Angeles' Cathouse.

"Why? Because it delivers what it is.

"Its appearance and interior decor give way to authenticity for a club devoted to rock 'n' roll, unlike the mass promotion of so called rock cafes."

The club's owner Ronald Blunden said he had been moved by the amount of support for the venue.

The Tache faces an uncertain future because it is within the Talbot Gateway redevelopment area and faces demolition next year.

He said: "I was moved to tears when I saw the comments on The Gazette's website.

"I have run the venue for 25 years now and have known many of the kids who come to The Tache for years, and it is like one big family. They are loyal, good kids.

"I've seen youngsters go off to university and come back as doctors and solicitors.

"It's really great to see this kind of support.

"It's true that it is one of the safest clubs in Blackpool.

"Now and again we get bobbies on the beat passing and they say that if everywhere in town was like The Tache, their job would be easy."

Mr Blunden said he was in talks to transfer The Tache to another venue in Blackpool if the council goes ahead with a compulsory purchase order for the current building.

He added that he was also considering whether or not to appeal against the council's closure order.

He has 21 days from the date of last Friday's hearing in which to make a challenge, and can remain open pending an appeal.

A panel of councillors was told that The Tache had failed to maintain some electrical installations, carpets were "encrusted with filth" and there was "inadequate" protection of electrical terminals.

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