Blackpool’s stars of the future

Children from Little Kapers nursery, Newhouse Rd, Marton
Children from Little Kapers nursery, Newhouse Rd, Marton
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STARS of the future have been given their first acting opportunity in a popular BBC programme.

South Shore-based KAPERS Nursery on Newhouse Road, were approached by CBeebies hit show Same Smile to participate in a test shot in December.

But the producers were so impressed by the potential of the children and the nursery’s facilities, they decided to spend a day filming for an episode.

The show is centred around presenter Nisha Anil and her three toy pandas which look at children’s lives throughout the UK.

Hannah Little, a senior practitioner at the nursery said: “After a few weeks we were told that we had been shortlisted and seven children were chosen to take part in the filming.

“It was a very exciting day for the children and we had lots of fun filming the episode.

Kathryn Jurin, manager of KAPERS Nursery, added: “The children were absolutely over the moon to be on TV and it was really exciting for everyone in the area.

“All the children know the programme anyway because it’s so high-profile and they were excited to be on it and so were the parents.

“We feel really proud of the nursery and all the staff were brilliant.”

As well as the nursery, Blackpool’s Tower and North Pier were all filmed for the show.

Two of the tots were given starring roles in the show, which was given the theme of Favourite Things You Like To Do.

Cane Ellis and Aimee Tomlinson, both four and from South Shore, were taken to the Tower and North Pier to film with the crew for the day.

Cane said: “The Pier is my favourite place and you can have lots of fun at the Tower.”

Mrs Jurin says she is confident the appearance of Blackpool in Same Smile will prove to be a huge boost for the town and the nursery because of its positive portrayal of both.

The show was first aired on Wednesday and has already proved a hit with the parents and children.

Mrs Jurin added: “It is really good for Blackpool because it was made to look amazing.

“We had one parent come round to view the nursery on Thursday and she recognised the garden as soon as she saw it.

“She told us that when she first saw the garden on TV she said she would have loved to bring her child here.

“We are getting more business from being on the show and we are going to promote it on our website.”

Same Smile featuring the children of KAPERS Nursery will be shown on the CBeebies channel on Sky and Freeview television over the coming six weeks.