Blackpool’s sex trade: Recession, what recession?

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THE recession may have crippled many businesses in Blackpool – but not its sex industry.

hile many streets are blighted by empty shop and offices, some working in the town’s unofficial red light district claim business has never been so good.

Cookson Street – situated just a stone’s throw from the eagerly awaited £220m Central Business District and a new Sainsbury’s superstore – is now home to five massage parlours. Working girls are ignoring the potential risks because they claim they can make up to £1,000 a night during peak hours.

Those who work in the industry talk about how many women are being enticed by the cash that can be made as regular jobs become harder to find.

Single mums find the “easy cash” the best option to feed and clothe children while other girls fund drug and drink habits.

But there are dangers too, with workers attacked by clients.

Despite this, it appears the industry is thriving in the UK’s capital of innocent fun.

Blackpool’s sex trade:

Amsterdam of the UK

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