Blackpool’s ‘mobility scooter’ protestor: I’m amazed at internet response

Blackpool fan Bobby Mack joins the protest
Blackpool fan Bobby Mack joins the protest
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Meet Blackpool’s latest internet sensation, Bobby Mack.

The 60-year-old is being talked about all around the world after a video of him driving his mobility scooter onto the pitch on Saturday went viral on Twitter.

Blackpool fan Bobby Mack invades the pitch

Blackpool fan Bobby Mack invades the pitch

It came as almost 300 fans were camped in the centre circle to protest Karl Oyston’s running of the club.

As Pool fan of more than 20 years his rush of blood to the head has resulted in instant online fame.

“I’m amazed really, people have told me the video has been mentioned in America and all over the world, I can’t believe it,” he told The Gazette.

The protests eventually resulted in Saturday’s game against Huddersfield being abandoned just three minutes into the second half.

While Pool’s final position at the bottom of the table is a big annoyance to most, for Mack he’s just as concerned about comments made by Oyston to a fellow fan by text.

Oyston referred to a supporter as a ‘retard’ and told him to enjoy his ‘special needs day out’.

Its something which clearly angered this disabled fan.

Mack said: “I was doing it to get back at Mr Oyston, my legs might not work but my brain certainly does. The facilities at Bloomfield Road are diabolic for us disabled fans. It’s not good enough and his comments were very offensive to disabled people.”

As the dust settles on one of the worst seasons in the club’s history, the message is clear from Mack.

“We want Oyston out,” he said.

“It’s diabolical what’s happened at Blackpool, we’ve gone from champs to chumps.

“I feel sorry for the fans and the town as a whole.

“Just a few years ago everyone was talking about how fantastic Blackpool were, now we are just a joke.

“It’s so sad to see.”