Blackpool's conservation policy for its historic buildings

Simon Blackburn
Simon Blackburn
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Blackpool Council says it is committed to preserving the town’s most historic buildings.

In fact, three years ago, planning controls were tightened in order to preserve the character of one of Blackpool’s most historic neighbourhoods.

The change meant residents living in the Raikes Hall Conservation Area must get permission for minor changes to their property such as removing boundary walls and chimneys.

In unrestricted areas some alterations are classed as ‘permitted development rights’ and can go ahead without a planning application having to be made.

It extended a policy which had already been introduced in the Stanley Park Conservation Area, to prevent inappropriate development.

Council leader Coun Simon Blackburn said: “The area around Raikes Hall is of particular interest to the history of the town.

“There are a variety of different houses which has led to a certain character to the area.

“There are a number of ways in which local authorities can seek to manage areas of particular interest in conservation terms.

“This is a recognition that that part of town is special and enhances elected members’ ability to have a say on development there.”

Other areas of the town have been protected for years.