Blackpool’s £30m hotel sell-off

Helmshore Hotel
Helmshore Hotel
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MORE than £30m of Blackpool’s hotel stock is up for sale.

The Gazette can today reveal close to 300 commercial hotel and guest house properties across the town are on the market.

They range from hotels with more than 50 bedrooms down to small family-run guest houses.

The largest 220 hotels on sale now weigh in with a price tag of £31.4m.

That includes a total of 32 Promenade properties, stretching from South Shore to North Shore, up for grabs, including the Royal Windsor, New Promenade, Harlands, and St Elmo hotels.

Properties appear on a variety of different auction house and commercial property websites.

The largest are a £1.8m hotel new to the market, and another for £950,000.

Both are on The Promenade, but owners do not want the fact they are on sale to be revealed to the general public.

The 35-bed Helmshore Hotel in Charnley Road is on the market at £825,000.

Sam Hodgson of Metcalf’s Estate Agents, said: “We have quite a lot on at the moment.

“It’s a buyer’s market at the moment. Some of the properties will stay on the market for a few years – that is normal.”

Ironically, the figures come at a time when Blackpool’s visitor numbers are on the rise.

Last week, The Gazette revealed 13 million people visited the resorted in 2010 – the highest number of visitors in more than a decade.

Thirty per cent of people visiting during the Illuminations stayed overnight.

Clare Smith, president of StayBlackpool and owner of the Number One hotels, said the figures were not surprising.

She added: “I think we are all up for sale if the right price is offered.

“There has always been a very high number of hotel and bed and breakfasts on the market at any one time in the town.

“It’s always been the same in Blackpool, as long as I’ve known it. Hoteliers are always on the market.

“That’s for a number of reasons. A lot of people buy a hotel thinking it’s an easy job and then find out it can be 24 hours a day, seven days a week and hard work all the way through.

“Then there are those wanting to retire.

“So the figure is not a total surprise.”