Is Blackpool pretty enough for you?

The VisitBritain comment that Blackpool is not attractive enough to market to tourists certainly struck a chord with readers as this double YourViews spread shows - but how many disagreed?

Friday, 22nd December 2017, 3:14 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd December 2017, 3:20 pm
Blackpool beach. Not pretty enough?

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Outrage after Blackpool described as not 'pretty' enough by British tourism offi...

Nothing like someone from out of town slagging Blackpool off to get you lot going.

When a VisitBritain rep based in Germany said the resort was effectively not pretty enough to market to potential tourists, it sparked a huge response from our readers.

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The Annual Christmas music festival in the beautiful Tower Ballroom

Sabine Kalkmann, who works for VisitBritain and VisitEngland in Germany, said: “Blackpool does not have the reputation to be a particularly pretty seaside resort and we want to make the potential visitors want to visit Britain and there are certainly nicer seaside resorts.”

She was responding via email to former Blackpool businessman Julian Allitt, who is now based in Berlin, who had questioned Sabine about why more was not done to promote all Britain’s seaside resorts.

A shocked Mr Allitt said: “VisitBritain is part of the British Tourist Authority which receives million of pounds a year in government funding. I find it scandalous that apparently little of this is used to promote Britain’s wonderful heritage seaside resorts.”

Here’s what you had to say

The Annual Christmas music festival in the beautiful Tower Ballroom

Odd that millions of people choose to visit the town every year. A number that’s been growing year on year since 2000.

The truth is Blackpool has its issues but compared to the majority of the inland towns it’s a far better place to live. Don’t forget Blackpool stretches from Star Gate to Anchorsholme.

It has an awarded winning park, pristine beaches /promenade and now the sea water is at Blue Flag standard.

Regeneration investment and private sector investment is running at an all time high.

It’s time all the town’s residents caught up with the massive change that’s taking place and put their very damaging negativity on one side.

David Wall

Too many drunks/druggies and people not willing to work giving it a bad name but we are so lucky.

Look at what we have got. Tower, piers, beach, nightlife, Pleasure Beach, arcades, Sandcastle, casinos, good restaurants, shops, a lovely park, a great zoo, some lovely nearby areas e.g St Annes, Lytham for a slightly more upmarket clientel wanting boutiques and cocktail bars

Gemma Holden

Yes we have our problems, but despite the fact we seem to top every worst list going, despite the cuts, the town still reeling from ideological austerity measures, despite the poverty, the unemployment we are still able to attract over 18 million visitors which is a credit to a lot of hard working people in this town.

Despite our adversities the town is changing for the better.

I’m proud of Blackpool and our continued move forward to achieve positive progress

Brendan Bunting

Despite its problems and poverty it still manages to attract millions of visitors every year and be one of the top tourist destinations. It must have something and that needs to be encouraged and developed, not criticised.

It has charm and humour and loads for families to do. It needs TLC and investment.

Sophie Choudhury

I am Blackpool born and bred and I want to love my (former) town. But I can’t. Take a look around. There is nothing. No shops worth visiting, over priced car parking, run down buildings.

Iain Johnston

I moved to Preston five years ago and if it wasn’t for family I wouldn’t ever go back.

Every time I visit it seems to get worse and even the nostalgia doesn’t stop me wanting to get away as fast as possible anymore

Emma Jane

When I came to live in Blackpool with my family in 1960 at the age of 19 I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. We had left a small town in East Lancs because of the work situation there.

Blackpool at that time was the fashion centre of the north west. Had a great selection of shops, pubs, cinemas and cafes.

Melvyn Cooper

I moved from Cornwall and it was a great move, it’s affordable and the work is good.

I found myself a job the day I moved here and been in employment ever since.

I think the council should look after locals more than holiday makers since it’s our tax paying their wages

Glenn Hollings

Blackpool has never been ‘pretty’. To be fair the promenade area has been improved but there is still a litter problem and just off the prom it’s a dump – the whole of Central Drive needs to be bulldozed

Barry Cartmell

If all the negative people are not happy, either move out or don’t visit. Personally I love the place

Graham Kirby

Outrage as German.... speaks the truth. Blackpool isn’t pretty. It’s a disorganised mess of clashing architectural styles.

Blackpool just doesn’t have what it takes to compete on the global stage yet. Foreigners have this romanticised vision of Britain.

Castles, bowler hats, cities that look like York or Bath or Chester.

That’s why they come here. Look at Birley Street, the vaunted hub of our cafe culture. it’s a complete state.

Sure the individual businesses are nice, but you’ve got a disjointed mess of buildings which frankly, hurt my eyes everytime I wander down it

Jim Yates

I’ve moved up here from the south, there is a massive pre-conception about the town which needs to be changed.

The prom is looking better than it has done for years, but step a street or two back and there are massive issues

Jane Voss

Blackpool is lovely between promenade and sea.

Once you turn round and passfirst row of buildings (mostly hotels) the bubble bursts

Jakub Składanowski

Unless you are moving to a leafy suburb, most towns and cities north of Birmingham have areas of neglect and deprivation

Pam Mackenzie

There was a time I was proud of my home town, now I find it hard seeing a once thriving, vibrant town completely lose it’s heart and soul and turn into a depressed old lady.

The town is in desperate need of redevelopment and not just by focusing on the prom or ‘touristy’ parts.

Help make locals and ex locals able to say that they are proud to be from Blackpool once again.

Alison Dempster

I have been going to Blackpool since I was a baby – I don’t care what people say I still love it and it’s good to get away from Edinburgh.

My wee girl loves it and my husband and as far I’m concerned If my daughter loves it and is happy then that’s all that matters

Holli Martin

Apart from the Pleasure Beach, the Grand and Stanley Park it offers nothing

Daniel Burgess

My mum adored Blackpool, worked there with her sister when they where young.

She loved it that much, her wish was for her ashes to be scattered on the seafront.

She got her wish, I know she is happy in her Blackpool

Sandra Edwards

What does the Visit Britain rep look like then?

Macie Rae Jones