Blackpool morris dance club with 30 years of championship success faces uncertain future

Some of the Broadway Stars dancers
Some of the Broadway Stars dancers
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A Blackpool morris dancing club that stars dancers as young as two could be facing an uncertain future.

The Broadway Stars Morris Dancers have performed in championships across the country for almost 30 years.

Some of the Broadway Stars dancers

Some of the Broadway Stars dancers

The club welcomes children and adults from all economic backgrounds, but principal and founder Michelle Burke, 51, says she fears financial difficulties may force the group to raise its weekly £5 fee - and that some girls may no longer be able to attend.

She said: “We’re facing challenges through expenses and classes are getting harder to do. We have low income, single-parent families and children from deprived backgrounds; the club is run totally by volunteers and the expenditure is getting more and more costly.

“Competition travel is getting more and more expensive. There’s more going out than there is coming in at this point.”

The club is facing mounting costs for its upcoming appearance at the 2019 ELMO Championships at Pontins in Prestatyn, Wales, this month.

Following this, Mrs Burke said the club would have to rethink its future if funding is not urgently found.

She said: “At the moment we don’t have any income from other sources this year, so we are trying to fundraise. We’re still about £700 short for transport, accommodation and T-shirts.

“If we increased our fees we would be very likely to lose members, which doesn’t feel right as we try to encourage children from all backgrounds.

“We’re such a big group, with members that want to be with us because we look after them. There’s lots that we give to the children. We’re very health and well-being driven and focused on team building and friendship. They make friends for life through the group.”

“We will lose some of them and that’s one thing I’m trying to avoid.”

Can you help the Broadway Stars Morris Dancers? Contact Michelle on 07815184168, or email