Blackpool MMA ace Fryer expecting 'hardest fight'

Kevin Fryer has combined his training with his day job in the armed forces
Kevin Fryer has combined his training with his day job in the armed forces

Fylde coast fighter Kevin Fryer is looking forward to the toughest task of his MMA career to date.

The Fleetwood-born man fights on Bellator’s landmark 200th show at Wembley Arena on Friday, May 25.

The 32-year-old, who has won six of his eight professional fights, will take on Dutchman Costello van Steenis (9-1).

“I’m delighted to be fighting on this card, I can’t wait,” Fryer told The Gazette.

“To be honest I’m trying not to think about it too much because I don’t want any added pressure.

“I’ve seen his fights and he’s very good, it’s easily going to be the hardest fight I’ve had. But I think he’s beatable.”

Fryer, who lives in Thornton, has been practising mixed martial arts on and off for the last 10 years.

The middleweight has somehow managed to combine his training with his day job, which is in the armed forces and has seen him serve on five tours taking in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Ireland.

“I started MMA training about 10 years ago although at that point it was on and off because I was in the army,” he said.

“Over the years I’ve managed to step up the training to the point where I am now.

“I did 10 years in the army before leaving, but I rejoined just before Christmas last year. But for this fight they’ve given me the time off to do my training, which has worked out quite well.

“To be honest, I haven’t really got any aims for my MMA career. I know that sounds weird, but my manager just sorts the fights out and I fight the next opponent.

“I don’t really look beyond anything, I just concentrate on the next fight and just see what happens.”

Fryer insists his two defeats in the pro game were due to his struggles boiling down to weight.

“At my weight I’ve not been beaten,” he added.

“I’ve fought at three different weights but my losses, two as an amateur and two as a pro, have basically come at the weights that I wasn’t suited to.

“I’m a middleweight and I’ve only ever lost one fight at that weight and that was years ago.

“I’m the sort of fighter that looks to put the pressure on my opponents, so weight is important.

“My biggest strength is my cardio so I look to work hard and try and tire them out.

“What usually happens is they fold under the pressure.”

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