Blackpool has lowest healthy life expectancy

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Blackpool has the worst “healthy life expectancy” in the North West, new figures show.

And the North West as a whole has the lowest healthy life expectancy (HLE) – the number of years in either very good or good states of health – in the country compared to other regions in England.

In fact, male HLE in Blackpool is the second worst in the UK, below only the Tower Hamlets in London, as boys born between 2010 and 2012 will have only 54 years of good health in their 74 years of life expectancy, according to the research.

That is compared to girls born in the same years, who can expect 58 healthy years in their 80 years life expectancy according to statistics compiled by the Office for National Statistics.

That is well below the national retirement age of 65, which means babies born between 2010 to 2012 can expect to be suffering poor health before they are due to retire from employment.

In Lancashire, boys born in 2010 to 2013 can expect 63 healthy years in their 78 years of life expectancy, and women will have 62 healthy years in their 82 years of life expectancy.

In the North West men are expected to have 61 years of good health in their 77 years of life expectancy and women will be healthy for 61 years and are expected to live to 81.

The national average, according to the statistics, is 63 years of good health for men living to around 79, and 64 healthy years for women who are expected to live to be 83 years old.