Blackpool Grosvenor Casino: You don’t have to gamble to have fun!

If you think that an evening spent in a casino may mean simply roulette, card tables and slot machines, then you need to think again.

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Monday, 27th January 2020, 9:27 am
A melting and delicious menu at the Grosvenor Casino in Blackpool

A night at Blackpool’s popular Grosvenor casino offers far more than the chance to place a few bets, as Paul Berentzen discovered.

Yes - there is all of those things - but who would have thought that fine dining and even swing music can be part of the experience.

In fact, you don’t have to enjoy a flutter to make the most of the entertainment on offer.

Singer Shannon Marie is just one of the acts to headline a great night at the Grosvenor Casino in Blackpool

Our Saturday evening began with a cocktail and it was a perfect start to what became a perfect evening.

Not only were we totally impressed with the drinks menu (which suited all tastes) but it also gave us a moment to take in the surroundings, while enjoying the live entertainment.

The superb swing music from a Michael Bublé tribute act was really enjoyable; we almost thought it was the man himself!

We’d decided to relax in the bar first to start our evening at a slow pace.

The Grosvenor Casino in Blackpool is waiting to welcome you

This “down time” is an ideal buildup for beginners gearing up for a trip to the tables (or even for seasoned casino visitors biding their time before trying their luck!

For them, the dazzle of the lights and sense of excited anticipation on the casino floor won’t be a disappointment.)

Our cocktail - a delightful Jack and Joe Martini went down rather too easily - and once sipped, we were shown upstairs to a table in the restaurant which overlooks the casino floor.

We had a great view of the hustle and bustle below. It was an exciting place to be.

There's a fantastic choice of food at the Grosvenor Casino in Blackpool

Here, the restaurant’s luxurious surroundings and excellent service transported us away to another place

This was an entirely different experience again. We’d had cocktails, listened to music and now - based on the temptations of the menu - we were in for a culinary treat.

There’s an impressive range of choice on a menu bringing together a range of cuisines - from fried chicken to gourmet burgers and Indian curries to fillet steak.

Certainly something for everyone.I chose the shoulder of beef, in a rich red wine and mushroom sauce which was a particular highlight.

The plush dining room at the Grosvenor Casino in Blackpool

The starters - chorizo and halloumi skewers and the calamari - were excellent too while the apple tarte tatin finished the meal off nicely.

But whether its a quick bite to eat or a three-course dinner, the menu - which features offerings from four different food chains - left us spoiled for choice.

Meal over, drinks finished, at any other venue you might step out into the cool night air to continue the evening elsewhere.

But oh no, not for us. Our night was just getting started.

Pete, the casino manager, told me that part of the appeal of an evening at the Grosvenor is the chance to enjoy a night out “all under one roof”.

He says there’s no need for bar-hopping in the pouring rain or queuing for a taxi to take you across town.

And he’s not wrong. As we stepped downstairs, the atmosphere was changing again.

We could tell that the Grosvenor was getting livelier as more people arrived for the evening.

If you’re casino novices like us, there’s no need to fear the tables. We’d been nervous about looking daft in front of the dealers, or the more experienced gamblers.

But there’s absolutely no need to worry.

One of the dealers was on hand to offer a crash course on all we needed to know to get started. It’s actually simple enough to get going, with no question too silly or too difficult.

Up close it became clear how skilled the dealers are at the tables, with seriously impressive knowledge of their craft and some astounding mental maths skills to boot.

We soon settled into the evening and any fears we had of being first-timers sticking out like a sore thumb were unfounded!!

The fun of the casino and having a flutter is just one aspect of an evening rich in entertainment.

Any preconceptions about casinos were firmly cast aside after our evening at the Grosvenor.

We enjoyed everything from a quiet drink, delicious food, some expert tuition. Even the live music continued until midnight.

So you think you know what to expect from the Blackpool Grosvenor Casino? Think again.

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