Blackpool Gazette readers respond to girl’s car park roof ordeal

Wilkinson on Dickson Road, Blackpool
Wilkinson on Dickson Road, Blackpool
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One of the most read stories in The Gazette last week was a mum criticising people who told her daughter to “jump” from the top of a multi-storey car park in Blackpool.

The mum said “I have seen the worst of humanity” after her daughter twice in two days climbed to the top of Wilko’s car park.

I have seen the worst of humanity

She told how passers-by shouted for her daughter to kill herself while scores more urged her to jump on social media sites.

She also criticised medics who allowed her daughter, in her 20s, out of hospital to climb back on top of the car park again the next day.

And she called for a shake-up of mental health services after saying her daughter had been let down by the system.

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Kathryn Woods

Two years on from Robin Williams losing his battle with depression and we are still no further forward in empathy and understanding for this condition. If this young lady had heeded the voices telling her to jump and they witnessed a life being brutally extinguished in front of their very eyes they would have been traumatised for a long time to come. It’s real life, not a video game.

Kirsty Dugdale

They wouldn’t be shouting jump to anybody else if they had witnessed her actually jump. They would be scarred for life. Her poor mother must’ve been beside herself. These people who were egging her on to jump mustn’t have children of their own, heartless creatures. Hope she gets all the help she needs.

Dawn Wilby

I’m so glad her mum is speaking out. I really hope that the people who were bad enough to shout read this and think twice. I wish that people would get educated on mental health before spouting their dangerous opinions. I hope these people have finally received the help they need

June Hale

Only if there is a real shake up of mental health services in Blackpool and elsewhere will the decent people win out, otherwise it will all just spiral downwards. The same goes for education - something is going badly wrong for people to behave like that. Animals.

Paul Berry

I work on the motorway and we get potential jumpers on the bridges weekly; the abuse we hear and receive from the public is horrendous

Sophie Von Brevern

I took myself to hospital a few months ago because I wanted to and kept trying to do silly things to myself. I’ve been begging everyone for counselling for months and months and not one person has come through with it. 
I just got let out of the hospital with no help other than to refer myself to counselling services which haven’t accepted me

Steph Sankey

There really are some despicable people in the world. They’ve clearly been dragged up and lack decency and concern for any other human being

Gemma Drury

Shouldn’t the person(s)or organisation that discharged this poor girl not once BUT TWICE be to blame for not only this girl’s but this mother’s torment?

Twice in two days. And as for the people saying jump. That’s disgusting, hang your heads in shame.

Vera Yorke

How would they feel if someone shouted this to their daughter? They would be feeling the same as this lady. Hurt. Angry. Distraught.

Violet Mary Lee

What kind of people would tell another person to jump off a roof? Let’s hope they don’t ever find themselves in that situation with their own children

Anne Sheila Whiteley

There is no accounting for sickos, hope your daughter is getting the help she needs now, people think before you shout out stupid things like this, this woman has a family she is loved just needs help properly.

Marty Tomo

If I was there I would have gone up comforted her and helped/talked her down. Sad the human race has turned this way but there is some of us goodens about. 
Hope she gets the help and understanding she needs

Lindsey Mulholland

And my cynical side is confirmed. Stop the planet I’m getting off.

Adam Kean

I really hope that she gets all the support off her family and friends.

I wouldn’t have blamed her mother if she lamped someone for saying jump. I would happily stick up for her.

Deborah Hannigan

We have created our own monsters either through benefits or pure hatred sad but true and it will get worse.

Laura Mrs-romance Myers

They obviously live in a perfect world with a perfect life, no thought to people who come across difficulties in their life and I’m sure they would hate it if it was one of their relatives who was going through a sad time and was up there ... Shame on them

Carl Robinson

This girl needs professional help, most of those who were telling her to jump are clueless idiots

Bev Davison

They will never know what this girl was going through. It’s not a matter to take lightly. Mental health is a big part of this world and when people realise this it might stop.

Zoe Jacquita Clifford

After reading this I’m absolutely disgusted in the human race, let’s hope they never suffer from any mental health issues, I was in a bad place last year and was finally referred to Blackpool’s crisis team and I can honestly say they saved my life