Blackpool dancer’s amazing cruise escape

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A BLACKPOOL dancer made a terrified phone call to her mother when she realised the cruise ship she was on was sinking.

Rosalyn Rincon, from Layton, was working as an entertainer on the Costa Concordia when it ran aground off the coast of Italy.

The 30-year-old was performing in a magic show and was actually inside a magician’s box as part of a trick when she realised something was seriously wrong. The ship was carrying 4,000 passengers and crew when disaster struck on Friday night.

Within an hour, and with the doomed ship dangerously listing leaving many of its lifeboats inaccessible, Miss Rincon faced the harrowing choice of whether to jump into the sea and swim to safety, or wait to be rescued.

She was eventually able to board a lifeboat and escape.

Six people are now confirmed to have died in the tragedy – 14 passengers and crew are still missing. Miss Rincon said: “I was in the middle of the show inside the box and didn’t know what was going on because I was in darkness. I shouted to the magician ‘get me out’, ‘get me out’ and he flipped a catch to release me.

“The ship’s lights were out and all of a sudden it went into a tilt on its side and started to shudder. I realised that something wasn’t right.

“Then equipment that was on the stage fell on top of everybody and I ran back to find other dancers.”

Petrified passengers were originally told an electrical fault was to blame for the lack of power and later a fire, they were told to wait in their cabins until they were given a horrifying announcement.

Miss Rincon, a former Greenlands pupil, added: “About 40 minutes in, we were told to abandon ship and it was just chaos.

“They were getting the lifeboats down but we had to let the passengers go first so we were some of the last people left.”