Blackpool children in anti-dog poo posters

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South Shore children have joined the fight against rogue dog owners with posters to urge them to clean up after their pets.

Community groups have teamed up with pupils from Roseacre Primary Academy after noticing increased amounts of dog poo and filled bags on their streets.

Brian and Karen Coope said it was a recurring complaint raised at the South Shore Community Partnership meetings held at The Old Library Community Centre in Highfield Road.

Gary and Karen Pennington, the chairman and secretary of the Friends of Highfield Park, have also claimed it is a ongoing problem.

Brian said: “It was an issue to work on together for the better of the community.”

He said the Friends began by repainting the ‘Bag It Bin It’ stencils on the park and then they spoke to the school council at Roseacre, where the children were sick of the mess and the health risk it posed in their part of town.

They challenged the children to design posters in class and two were chosen as winners.

Izzy Donno Franklin, eight, from Year Three, designed a colourful poster with messages asking dog owners to clean up “so we can all live in a healthier world”.

Hollie Cutting, nine, from Year Four, designed a hard hitting poster with a clear message to owners to pick up the poo and bin it.

Brian said: “Both girls said that hopefully their posters would help remind dog owners to pick up the poo and bin it.

"They also couldn’t understand why some people bag the poo and then just fling it in trees or gardens.”