Blackpool Central development: "People actually wanting to invest in Blackpool!!!!" - Your reaction to the £300 million 'Chariots Of The Gods' project

Today's announcement to build a £300 million visitors attraction on the former Central Station site certainly has got you talking.

Friday, 7th December 2018, 11:47 am
Updated Friday, 7th December 2018, 12:55 pm
An artist's impressions of plans for the Blackpool Central site

From the positive to the negative your reactions have been a mixed bag.

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Questions are being asked about the impact it will have on the current attractions within Blackpool and the need for an airport.

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An artist's impressions of plans for the Blackpool Central site

Like it or loathe it, the Blackpool Central development has the potential to be a game changer that will have you talking for some time to come.

Your reaction

Great! Now we need to make the town more accessible to international visitors.

An airport would be a good idea.

Roy Livingstone

That’s just doubled the value of the surrounding properties someone will be jumping for joy this morning and hopefully not just that, it should encourage other huge investment to Blackpool.

Come on please be positive every one Blackpool really needs us all behind anything and everyone who invests in our beautiful town,it will be the envy of the UK once again I’m sure.

Andrew Peate

Brilliant !!!!!!

People actually wanting to invest in Blackpool !!!!

People need to stop being so negative !

Any thing opening is a bonus !!

Allishia Tinsley

The proposed figures about new visitors and jobs look great, however with 300 million on this, the money for the tram link and new hotel I cant help thinking the focus is all on the visitors and not on solving the social problems we have x

Natalie Parker

Do we not have enough problems without bringing Aliens here?

Daniel Fearon

Have to say. Very underwhelmed by this and seems a bit of a random collection of ideas and attractions that don’t sound like they work together.

Phase 0 being a multi story car park is hardly inspiring.

Having been on Avatar this year - that ride is amazing. However, is this a theme park?

Is it an indoor shopping centre?

What exactly is it?

Sounds to me like a fancy Coral Island with a bit of shopping.

I don’t think this is the answer to Blackpool’s problems and after years in the planning is a bit of an anti-climax.

Kevin Smith

I am waiting for the Pleasure Beach to object, after all this will be direct competition, they objected and won to stop Disney many many years ago.

Donna Pasquill

Soarin is the best ride I’ve EVER been on !

Great news for Blackpool.

Susan Glasgow

The council have delivered a better project than I had anticipated but still feel its short of what the town needs.

Remember this has been 50 years in the making the investment is welcome and will make a difference to the towns fortunes just not as big a difference as it could have.

John Keen

"Phase Zero" is to first build a 1000 capacity car park, woo more car parks

Asa Widdup

It's a brilliant idea but not sure about one aspect of this build the fact that there is going to be 2 resident apartment buildings with a nightclub in between them.

That's going to make them really desirable isn't it?

Simon Burrows

Just sounds like even more seasonal jobs on minimum wage for our young adults.

Whilst I'm glad of the investment, I'm dissapointed in the council once again.

Michael Pattison RE

Awesome news for Blackpool as all you hear these days are death, suicide, murder, homeless, shops shutting, drug addiction, alcaholics, shop lifting, Violence, roadwork killing the centre etc etc etc etc etc.

Apart from that the piers are knackered and need completely knocking down and really new much bigger modern trendy piers, linked with this project, investment in supporting the town centre hotels/shops, let’s just hope Debenhams and Marks don’t pull the plug, but this is the type of development Blackpool needs!!

Fingers crossed it don’t get cancelled

Andy Large

If it comes off then fantastic.

We all know Blackpool needs investment and hopefully something like this will bring other investors in.

Ok it’s not going to happen overnight but at last we can see why Blackpool council are developing certain areas as they were looking at the overall plan.

Jacqui Collumbine

This sounds great would mean more money coming into to Blackpool, attracting new and old people to visit.

And will help elevate the parking issues we already have.

Maybe stop people using footpaths as car parking spaces.

Kelly S A Tweedie

Well that’s the piers gone nobody will go on the piers once that is built.

Don’t think the Thompson’s will be very pleased cos it’s taking away there customers so all n all very good idea not.

Irene Howe

Lets hope it happens and quickly the town needs something positive

Stephen Singleton

Looks like a fantastic plan, will certainly be something different and should help to secure Blackpool’s future as the UK’s fun capital.

Chris Rinder

Never heard of something like this before but sounds interesting...

Steff Mercedes Harrison

Seriously people in Blackpool must be the most negative in the world.

This is PRIVATE INVESTMENT for a YEAR ROUND attraction that will create 1000 jobs.

All these people saying 'sort out the homeless' never actually mention how it could be done.

Without investment the town will die and homelessness will be out of control

David Smith