Blackpool boxer Brian '˜The Lion' Rose's victory on points dash in court

Top boxer Brian Rose came away with a points victory '“ over his driving licence.

Tuesday, 22nd March 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd March 2016, 10:13 am
Blackpool boxer Brian The Lion Rose has been handed his driving licence back

The 30-year-old British light middleweight outright holder – he defended the title three times – convinced magistrates that he never received letters from the police, courts and DVLA about criminal proceedings, due to a change in his home life.

The boxer from Torsway Avenue, Layton,was found not guilty by magistrates in his home town of failing to notify the authorities about the identity the driver of his Mercedes car, which was caught by a speed camera doing 36mph in a 30mph zone on the A586 at Poulton on January 18, 2015.

Rose, currently training for a fight against Matthew Macklin in the O2 Arena in London next month, said he never received notification he was to be prosecuted for the offence at his then-home in Garden Close, Poulton.

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He also said he did not get a reminder letter or letter relating to the fact that in his absence from court he had been fined and banned, and he also said he had not been told about points on his licence.

Rose told the court:”I never knew I had been banned by a court. I value my driving licence a great deal. Boxing is my job. It’s not just what some people think – two men belting each other. It is the way I earn my living.”

Magistrates were told that his failure to react to the notice of prosecution for speeding led to him having a driving ban imposed, a fine and points on his licence.

As a result of the ban he was pulled up by police on the motorway at Preston and held in the cells before a judge released him after hearing his explanation that he never knew he was disqualified.

Yesterday at Blackpool Magistrates Court, Rose denied failing to respond to the original speeding prosecution notice.

He said:”At that time my life was in chaos. My marriage had broken down and I had moved into a flat.”

“During the week I would be in Manchester in training and stayed in hotels. I sublet my flat to a friend from a gym and once a week I would call him and ask if there was only mail for me.”

“If he told me no I had to believe him. I am now back with my wife and everything is more organised.”

Magistrates dismissed the charge and said they were happy that Rose had not been irresponsible and had a mail collection arrangement in place.