Blackpool beauty takes TV challenge

Eleanor Nyland
Eleanor Nyland
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A BLACKPOOL beauty has taken on TV’s infamous big red balls and shown she’s more than just a pretty face.

Eleanor Nyland, a former beauty pageant contestant, flew around the course of BBC’s Total Wipeout on Saturday night.

The 25-year-old, from Whitegate Drive, enjoyed the Argentina-based show so much it’s inspired a career change – but she didn’t manage to get the better of the notoriously tricky big red balls.

Few contestants manage to tackle them without humiliation and Miss Nyland said: “On the first red ball I bounced off backwards and did a backwards somersault and when I got off the course Amanda (Byram, the show’s co-host) turned around and said to me ‘you do know you’re supposed to go forwards not backwards don’t you?’

“You put everything into it and it’s so embarrassing. There are about 40 Argentinian men doing the filming and you have to stand there wearing these tiny shorts and top dancing at the top of the course until they sound the horn. It was amazing though.”

The show – which is presented by Miss Byram and Top Gear’s Richard Hammond – is filmed in the South American country and sees 20 contestants pit their wits against the Total Wipeout course in the hope if winning the £10,000 top prize.

And, while Miss Nyland made it to the final ten, she did not manage to negotiate the show’s “sweeper” and into the final.

But even though she didn’t win the big money the former cheerleader - who currently works as a teaching assistant at St John Vianney School, on Glastonbury Avenue – has hailed the experience a life-changing one.

She said: “It was such an experience it’s made me change career and I’ve just been offered a job to go and live Abu Dhabi to work as cabin crew for Etihad Airways.

“I went away to Argentina with 20 strangers for five days and I loved it. I thought what am I doing in Blackpool when I could go and see the world.”