Blackpool beauty’s mission

Courtney Woodall is through to the heats of Face of North West England
Courtney Woodall is through to the heats of Face of North West England
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Blackpool teen Courtney Woodall is gearing up for her first beauty pageant as an adult.

The 18-year-old, of North Shore, has competed in teenage competitions, but now is in with a chance of winning a place in the grand final of an international contest in Paris.

Courtney is through to the final of the Face of North West England, a heat for Face of Europe and the World.

She hopes she can dispel some of the myths about beauty pageants and be a positive role model for other girls.

Courtney, who is studying hair and media make-up at college, is passionate about raising money for good causes and helping those in need in her community.

She said: “This is my first pageant as a ‘miss’ because I just turned 18 in March. I have only competed as a teen before, so it’s a big deal for me.

“I’m not particularly confident, I’m quite a quiet person, but taking part in these competitions has really boosted my confidence.

“I love meeting new people, it’s great to meet the other girls at the competitions. I like helping other people and want to make a difference in the community.

“My little sister Tia has done lots of fundraising, and things for the local community, by taking part in beauty contests. She’s really pleased about me being through to the final.

“I’m not the average 18-year-old, who goes out drinking all the time, I much prefer to raise money for charities and make a difference.

“I hope I can give some inspiration to other girls out there with low confidence.

“The competitions aren’t just about looks, they’re about helping others and charity. I’m planning to do appearances at local schools and elderly people’s homes, as well as donating items to homeless shelters. It would be so great if I was to win and go to Paris.”

Courtney works part-time doing modelling, and hopes to pursue a career doing make-up for fashion shows and fashion shoots.

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