Bishop vote blast

The synod vote and (below) Christopher Wren.
The synod vote and (below) Christopher Wren.
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THE Church of England’s decision to reject female bishops has come under fire.

But one Blackpool vicar believes it is only a matter of time before the church votes in favour and changes its rules.

Rev. Christopher Wren at St Paul's Church, Marton.

Rev. Christopher Wren at St Paul's Church, Marton.

Christopher Wren, vicar at St Paul’s Church in Marton, said: “There is absolutely no reason why women shouldn’t be bishops.

“I have worked with many in my time in the USA and Canada and they can definitely do the job.

“The sad thing is this vote was so close. But I think relatively quickly, in the next five years, it will happen.”

While 324 synod members voted for women bishops, Church voting rules mean 122 votes against were enough to block it.

The vote on Tuesday night came in spite of 42 out of 44 dioceses in the Church of England backing the legislation.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has said the Church of England had “undoubtedly” lost a “measure of credibility” in wider society.

Stephen Brook, retired vicar at St Mark’s in Layton, said: “Personally I am OK with women bishops.

“The issue was the ones, who for very sincerely held beliefs, wouldn’t be happy to work under a woman bishop. They shouldn’t be castigated for that.”

But Andrew Sage, vicar at St Stephen’s on Holmfield Road, added: “I’m relieved the vote went the way it did, though I’m saddened by those who will find it a very difficult and painful decision.

“I accept there will be women bishops one day in the church but this proposed legislation was unfit for purpose.”

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