Bishop’s call for more people to join the church

Rt Rev Julian Henderson
Rt Rev Julian Henderson
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Lancashire bishop Julian Henderson has used his New Year’s message to call on people to join the church.

Speaking on a video uploaded to video sharing site YouTube, he said he hoped Fylde coast residents would ‘learn more about the saving grace of Jesus Christ’ as the Church of England in Lancashire prepares to host a number of important religious events.

The Rt Rev Henderson said: “As we embark on a new year it’s always daunting not knowing what is going to come our way.

But there are certain things from the Church of England’s point of view in Lancashire that we are very aware of.

“I hope you will join us at some point to have some fun at the various events taking place – and to learn more about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

“You will also be most welcome at any time of the year in any of our churches across Lancashire. I wish you much joy and happiness as 2016 unfolds.”

From September 8 to 11, a four-day mission will take place in the county.

Bishops from across England will travel to the area for the second annual ‘Crossroads Mission’, during which time churches will be asked to put on events and activities.

The Rt Rev Henderson added: “While we don’t know what lies ahead in some ways, in other ways the work of the church across the county will be focussed on exciting developments.”