Bid to put travellers caravans on Blackpool site used for stables

Town hall planners will decide the application
Town hall planners will decide the application
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Plans for a third travellers' site on Midgeland Road on Blackpool's Marton Moss have been lodged with the council.

Charles Tyers has applied for permission to use land adjacent to 433 Midgeland Road for four caravans which would be lived in by two families.

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Councillors have already approved sites this year for travellers and travelling showmen's caravans on land at 516 Midgeland Road and 411 Midgeland Road.

The latest bid is on land which was recently granted permission for equestrian use including the building of stables and hardstanding.

It is proposed to extend the hardstanding to accommodate the proposed caravans.

A design statement accompanying the application says: "This site is located in an area of countryside which is not specially protected for planning purposes, and its development neither erodes the openness of Marton Moss or has an unacceptable impact on the character or appearance of the surrounding area."