‘Better’ inspectors say school is good

Hawes Side Primary Academy, Marton
Hawes Side Primary Academy, Marton
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A proud headteacher has said his school has now been able to prove its worth two years after being given a “rough ride” by inspectors.

Hawes Side Primary Academy, Marton, has been praised by Ofsted and told it is good across the board, after a damning report in 2013.

They had a good understanding of how hard schools work

Previously the school had been told it required improvement – a rating that school bosses disputed at the time,

Headteacher Michael Shepherd has said the latest team of inspectors, who visited the Pedders Lane school last month, were more “understanding” compared to the 2013 team.

He said: “We’re very pleased with the report.

“We had a good team inspecting us this time, who were realistic and fully understood the situation we’re in and what we’re trying to do.

“The team we had last time weren’t particularly good at listening and responding in the way we hoped they would. They gave us a rough ride.

“This time we had a team who had a good understanding of how hard schools work.”

The inspectors said: “This is a successful, inclusive and improving school”.

They noted “significant changes in staffing” since the last inspection as well as the school’s social factors, including being a large, three-form entry school, having high levels of transience and they highlighted:

• Staff morale is high because all feel valued and supported. They share a tireless determination to improve their work.

• Pupils are eager and enthusiastic learners and all groups of pupils make good progress.

• The principal has rapidly changed the culture of the school, (leading) to improvements in teaching and raised pupil achievement.

Mr Shepherd added: “We have pockets of outstanding practice and the big challenge now is to make that consistent.”

Bosses at Hawes Side Primary Academy, Marton, are now looking forward to having a new state-of-the art school.

Work is set to start on a new multi-million pound facilities, which are set to include dedicated studio spaces, a large open plan library and two sports halls.

Headteacher Michael Shepherd said: “We’ll go into a new school on the back of a good report, so that’s nice.”

Work is set to start on the site this summer, in the hope the new buildings will open in September 2016.