Behaving herself

Miss Behave at the Grand Theatre for Showzam!
Miss Behave at the Grand Theatre for Showzam!
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Notorious sword swallower and burlesque queen Miss Behave is bringing her unique brand of variety to Blackpool Grand Theatre this weekend, and couldn’t be happier.

“I think of Blackpool as home now and at the moment I am house-hunting, or maybe I might look for a little nice B&B to settle down,” says Amy Saunders – better known as Miss Behave. “I am not going to stop travelling, or stop touring in the foreseeable future, but I do get tired. I do need an anchor, a place to go back to. And it just can’t be London.

“For me, the place which feels most like home is Blackpool. Every time I come to Blackpool and the train pulls into Blackpool North Station, I feel like I’ve come home. I love Blackpool. I love the place, I love the mix, I love the history. And I really mean it when I say Blackpool is my favourite audience.

“They are so discerning, they have that great British sense of humour and when they love something, they are with you 110 per cent.”

Miss Behave is hoping the audience will again be with her 110 per cent as she performs in her special mixture of comedy, music and more tonight and tomorrow in The Crack.

One of the few female sword swallowers in the country, she will be joined on stage by comic troupe Spymonkey, magician, comedian and trickster Paul Zenon, anarchic duo Raymond and Mr Timpkins, and Bruce Airhead.

“The show will be sexy, a spectacular, but above all, it will be funny,” she says. “My favourite thing is comedy. And there are all different types of funny. So we have solo performers, we have groups, we have a hula hooper, we have a bit of everything.

“I am so pleased I have managed to persuade Paul Zenon to come and perform. I am really excited about that. We have worked together, and I’ve known him for years. It will be so great to perform together, and in his home town as well.

“And as well as the funnies, I have managed to bag myself one of the pretty boys from Soap at the Pleasure Beach.

“I will of course be doing my usual tricks, but there will be a few surprises. I’m one of the few female sword swallowers in the country, and the rarity does seem to have appeal.”

The 30-year-old, originally from London, has had a busy seven days, since arriving in the resort last Friday.

She said: “I had a sell-out season at the Edinburgh Festival, been at the E4 Comedy Festival in London, and the odd show here and there, then over to Blackpool. I have been down to Showzam! Central in the Olympia, running round to St John’s Square co-ordinating street performances, and running round the shops to buy lots of party poppers and candy floss!”

That’s as well as performing in her own show tonight and tomorrow.

“I guarantee the most important thing about the show will be the funnies, plenty of laughs,” she says. And we will have all sorts of laughs – from little chuckles and giggles right through to big belly laughs. I have my gag-o-meter at the ready!”