Beauty Stacie off to Paris

Stacie Daniel - beauty queen
Stacie Daniel - beauty queen
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A first-time beauty queen contestant is heading to Paris as part of an annual global contest.

Stacie Daniel, 23, from Kirkham, came second runner-up in the Face of the North East, a heat contest for the ultimate title of Face of the Globe – an international beauty pageant held every year.

The mother of two, who says this is the first time she has tasted success in a pageant, is now set, along with 100 international contestants, to be whisked off to Paris for a tour around Disneyland and then on to the finals.

“I was really shocked to win, but you have to remember these competitions aren’t just about looks, it’s what you do for charity and your community. All the other girls are lovely, we’ve become one big pageant family,” said Stacie.

As a freelance model for Mission St Annes clothing shop, on Park Road, 
Stacie is also keen on using her new-found status for charity projects. She added: “We support a charity, the Rainbow Child Foundation, and 100 per cent of all the proceeds go to helping children all over the world, especially dealing with HIV awareness programmes.”

Proud mum to her two sons Cody, five, and one-year-old James, along with a full time job as a PA at a photography company, Stacie says she performs the ultimate juggling act.

“I have to be busy all the time, so I’m used to tackling so much. I’m always very pro-active with both my children and day-to-day life.”

Stacie will be jetting off to Paris to compete for the Face of the Globe title on October 28 after a masquerade ball and training in London to prepare contestants for the final.

“ I’m so excited, I’d absolutely love to bring a title back to England, all the other girls are stunning and do so much for their charities,” she said.

“I’ve got an open mind and look forward to the experience. If I come back with anything it will be a bonus.”