Beaten up on a night out

Kurtis Sumpton, from Spennymoor, who was attacked while on a birthday celebration trip to Blackpool
Kurtis Sumpton, from Spennymoor, who was attacked while on a birthday celebration trip to Blackpool
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These are the shocking injuries sustained by a young reveller after he was brutally beaten on a night out in Blackpool.

Kurtis Sumpton, from Spennymoor, County Durham, was attacked by a gang of thugs while enjoying a weekend in the resort with a group of pals.

The 20-year-old student’s parents failed to recognise their son’s bruised and swollen face when they drove down from the North East to visit Kurtis in Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

The youngster was beaten to the ground and kicked and punched by a gang in Coco in Talbot Road.

Dad Mark said: “Our son is kind gentle and so friendly. When I was young a visit to Blackpool meant the Golden Mile and the Pleasure Beach.

“His mother is distraught, despite being hardened by years working as a social worker. He has no memory of the attack and we can only go on what his friends have told us.

“They were in a club on Saturday night and became separated when Kurtis was set upon.

“Kurtis was punched and kicked to the ground and beaten unconscious.

“I cannot believe this has happened to him. I used to go to Blackpool as a lad and never saw any trouble, certainly nothing like this.

“My son looks like he has been mauled by a pack of animals – it is disgusting. I don’t know how someone could do this to another human being.

“I will never forget driving down to Blackpool after getting the call from the hospital.

“When I saw Kurtis in the hospital, I didn’t recognise him at first. His face was one big bruise and one of his eyes was closed up from the attack.

“I sat up all night watching him breathe in hospital. How can people do something like this?

“I have worked all over the world and have never seen anything it before. It is terrible to think that he could be beaten unconscious in a place which is linked to fun in everyone’s minds.”

Mr Sumpton paid tribute to Joe Formosa, owner of the Adam and Eve Hotel, where Kurtis was staying.

He said: “Kurtis had become separated from his friends and it was very confused. He went back to the hotel and Mr Formosa made sure an ambulance and the police were called.”

Mr Formosa said: “I just did what anyone would do in my position.

“Kurtis had phoned his dad at some point and I received a call from him asking to check on his son.

“I knocked on his room door and Kurtis was in a terrible state, his face was battered and bruised and he was very confused. He was in a bad way.

“I spoke to his father and made sure an ambulance was called. It’s what anyone would have done.”

Police have taken a statement from Kurtis at his Spennymoor home and are investigating the incident.