Battle to save biker in crash

Brian McOwen
Brian McOwen
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A BUS driver who went to the aid of a fatally injured motorcyclist has won the praise of a coroner.

Roy Frost, fought to save the life of Brian McOwen when the rider came off his bike in Poulton and struck a car travelling in the opposite direction.

Mr McOwen, 53, of Holts Lane, Poulton, died of multiple injuries later that day in Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

But deputy coroner for Preston and West Lancashire, Simon Jones, said Mr Frost had been praised in a police report.

Mr Frost was also praised by Mr McOwen’s family.

After the inquest Mr McOwen’s brother, Neil McOwen, said: “We know Mr Frost tried his best and we appreciate that and would like to thank him.

“He did the right thing.”

Mr Frost, 61 of Lauderdale Avenue, Cleveleys, said: “It’s just instinct to go and help someone.

“I haven’t really got any first aid training: you just do what you can.”

Mr McOwen was the proprietor of the Happy Shopper on Holts Lane.

He leaves a partner Carole Wilson and sons Darren and John.

Mr McOwen was travelling out of Poulton on Blackpool Old Road and was taking a left hand bend on his Kawasaki 750 on August 28 last year when he lost control and fell into the path of a Ford Focus.

Mr Frost, driving behind the Focus in his Stagecoach vehicle, saw Mr McOwen applying full lock to the right with his handlebars as his rear wheel slipped.

As an experienced motorcyclist himself, he had the impression the rear wheel had seized and Mr McOwen was possibly trying to correct it. Mr Frost added: “The front wheel dug in and kicked him over.

“As he came over the bike and was landing on the road, the car arrived at the same time.;”

The car driver, Robert Spruce, said: “I was aware of the motorcyclist coming round the bend.

“It all happened in a second. Next thing the bike is on the ground and the victim is diving across the road towards me. In the same instant he hit me.”

Accident investigator PC Richard Roberts said there was no suggestion of excess speed being a factor but Mr McOwen could have lost control by braking in the bend.

Mr Jones recorded a verdict of accidental death and said: “It’s likely loss of control was caused by the issue of braking going into a fairly tight corner.”