Bat’s the way to do it!

Bat Night at Stanley Park, Blackpool
Bat Night at Stanley Park, Blackpool
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THESE batty explorers were all in a flap when they crept out in the black of night to hunt out the Halloween favourites.

Youngsters from across the Fylde coast last night joined rangers at Stanley Park to seek out the town’s bats.

Using bat detectors – special equipment which picks up the bat’s frequency – and torches, children spotted dozens of the winged creatures swooping and gliding across the twilight sky.

Jay-Jay Bristol, seven, of Little Carleton, won a school competition designing posters to attend the event.

He said: “I really like bats, they remind me of batman, they are a bit scary.

“I was really looking forward to staying up late; I come to the park during the day but have never been when it is dark.”

Eight-year-old Courtney Wood spotted several bats with her mum Sharon Metcalfe, of Marton.

She said: “I think they are cute because they are furry, they are not scary, their little teeth wouldn’t be able to bite through much, they eat insects anyway.

“It is exciting being out in the dark, I would usually have to be in bed by now, mum’s rules.”

Martin Day, a park ranger who led the late night walk, described it as a ‘popular and visually fun event’.

He said: “These bat hunts always go down well, the youngsters love it because it is late at night and they get to go out in the dark.

“It is a whole new world during the evening, the bats come to life and kids get a chance to see an animal they wouldn’t ordinarily get to look at during the day.

“Using the bat detectors we can hear the noise they make, they scream through their nose listening for echoes.

“Tonight we have seen two types of bat, the Pipistrelle and the Daubenton, we also spotted one Whispering bat which is less common in Stanley Park.”

There will be another chance to join the rangers for an evening of batty fun at Marton Mere next Wednesday.

To book on the event, which will start at 9pm, contact (01253) 478012.