Bag charge could fund wildlife centre

Lawson Road  Allotments Blackpool.
Lawson Road Allotments Blackpool.
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The introduction of the 5p carrier bag charge could help fund a £12,000 new wildlife centre in Blackpool.

Shoppers are being urged to vote for a grant raised through the charge to be awarded to the scheme proposed for Lawson Road Allotments in Marton.

Blackpool Federation of Allotments Association has put together proposals for a project which would focus on the benefits bees bring to produce, fruit and flowers.

It would also give people a chance to experience growing their own vegetables from soil to plate.

The scheme would look at re- planting trees to encourage greater wildlife on allotments and form a learning centre where groups can do research on what they discover while visiting the area.

It has been selected for possible funding through Tesco’s Bags of Help Scheme, which looks to reinvest funds generated through the Government’s new 5p carrier bag charge into important community projects.

Andy Percival, who along with Derek Cooper is a joint trustee of the Blackpool Federation of Allotment Associations, said: “The scheme will revive some disused areas of the allotment and the new areas will allow all types of community use, including the chance for school pupils and community groups of all ages to experience wildlife in a newly planted tree area.

“The initiative will also feature bee-keeping hives and information for those who want to learn how to grow fresh vegetables.

“People will also be able to plant their own seeds, watch them through the growing season and then harvest the produce to take home and eat.

“We also want to teach the benefits and needs of nature and wildlife especially on allotments as well as hopefully helping to improve the health and wellbeing of residents in the borough.”

Residents can vote for the scheme at any Tesco store in the town before March 6.