Are you my bike crash hero?

She faces the prospect of spending the festive season in hospital after suffering serious injuries in a bike crash – but Sarah Dignan still wants to wish a very Merry Christmas to a few good Samaritans.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 14th December 2013, 7:40 am
Sarah Dignan wants to thank people who came to her aid when she was involved in a road traffic accident.
Sarah Dignan wants to thank people who came to her aid when she was involved in a road traffic accident.

Mother-of-two Sarah, 53, was left with a broken pelvis after her bike collided with a car on Ribby Road, in Kirkham.

Since then, as she has recovered slowly in hospital, she has been unable to thank a number of passers-by who came to her aid in the immediate aftermath of the incident, stopping traffic and offering her comfort until an ambulance arrived.

Now she is appealing to Gazette readers to find those unsung heroes so she can thank them in person.

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Sarah, of Poulton Street, Kirkham, said: “People were very quick to stop the traffic.

“They took my bicycle away and gave me encouragement.

“There was one gentleman who stood with me until the ambulance came, everyone who passed was really kind.

“It would be nice to be able to thank them in person for what they did.”

The crash happened at around 6.30pm on November 28, and Sarah was taken to the Royal Preston Hospital shortly afterwards.

The resulting traffic jam as the accident was cleared caused former Manchester United football manager Sir Alex Ferguson to be held up, leading to a book signing event being held at nearby Kirkham Grammar School to be delayed.

Sarah added: “I was thrown on to my pelvis and I’ve broken it. There just seemed to be people all around me, I lay there and couldn’t move.

“It was cold and really painful. There was the possibility of me having quite a complex operation but the doctors say I’ll heal just as well with bedrest.”

She is expected to have to stay in hospital until early January, when it is hoped her injuries will have healed enough to allow her to go home.

If you are, or know, one of the people who helped Sarah through her ordeal please contact The Gazette on (01253) 361772.