Archive pictures look back at leafy Lytham of the past

Take a step back in time with these glorious archive photos of Lytham.

Thursday, 1st November 2018, 10:56 am
Updated Thursday, 1st November 2018, 11:58 am
Lytham, pictured in January 1980

Some sights will be instantly recognisable to readers, as they have changed little over the years, while some may not be quite so familiar.

St John’s Vicarage is shown, being demolished in October 1967.

Builders can be seen working away, in July 1971, on £32,000 homes at Saltcotes Road, in Lytham.

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Youngsters playing on Lytham Green, in September 1977

The scheme was financed by the Government and sponsored by Lytham St Annes Lions Club Housing Association Ltd.

Eight purpose-built flats were built on land belonging to the Guardian Royal Exchange.

The flats were expected to be used by professional or retired professional people, such as nurses and policemen.

The Clifton Estate Offices building, on Hastings Place, is pictured in November 1963.

Lytham town centre, pictured in 1990

Controversy was caused in the 60s when it was suggested it was replaced with a new building. It is now a listed building, along with a row of houses on Hastings Place.

Also shown in 1975, is Clifton Square in the town centre.

Stringers Department Store can be seen on the corner, and while the signage might have changed over the years, it is still there and still popular with shoppers today.

Lytham town centre is also pictured in January 1980 and again in 1990.

Clifton Square, Lytham, 1975

Always popular, are pleasant walks through Lytham’s green scenery.

Lowther Gardens is shown on several of our archive pictures over the years.

The gardens were laid out by Squire J Talbot Clifton in 1873 and given to the town in 1905.

And children are pictured playing on Lytham Green, next to the seafront, with the backdrop of Lytham Windmill.

Lowther Gardens, Lytham
Work being completed on new £32,000 homes on Saltcotes Road, at Lytham, sponsored by Lytham St Annes Lions Club, in July 1971
Pleasant walks through Lowther Gardens in Lytham on spring days, in 1960
Lytham St Johns Vicarage being demolished, in October 1967
Clifton Estate Offices in 1963