Anti-fracking protester banned from Preston New Road site for TWO years after lorry demo

A defiant anti-fracking protester said he would not obey a judge's order to do unpaid work for the community.

Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 1:36 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 1:40 pm
The fracking site on Preston New Road

But the judge hit back at Stephen Allen and told thre 48-year-old that he did not carry out the 120 hours work he would be jailed.

Allen retorted from the dock at Blackpool Magistrates Court: “If you do put me behind bars there will be uproar.”

Allen, who lives at the anti-fracking camp headquarters at Dugdale Close, Blackpool, was also made the subject of exclusion order which means he cannot go within a mile of the Cuadrilla gas exploration site on Preston New Road for the next two years.

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Allen was arrested on April 3 last year outside the entrance of the site.

He had ridden his bike across the front of a lorry entering the site forcing the driver to halt.

Allen then jumped on the back of the lorry where he remained for almost a day before being arrested by police.

During his protest he let fly with a torrent of foul language at police who were forced to close one lane of the A583.

Allen admitted wilfully obstructing the highway,threatening behaviour,breaching a conditional discharge and two offences of failing to answer bail.

Allen, who defended himself, told the hearing: “If I am given unpaid work to do it will go against my right to protest. I have been protesting nearly all my adult life in all parts of the country.

“I have been involved in the battle against fracking for four years. It is an abomination what is going on at Preston New Road.

“That day I got lucky and got on a lorry. People were cheering me. Police call me one of the instigators but I am not.

“But if I get jailed there will be uproar.

“The police and the Crown Prosecution Service want me to toe the line - they are in cahoots.

“Unpaid work would restrict my life. I will not complete unpaid work.”