Animals found close to death

Two dogs were found locked in a barn in Hambleton and have been rescued by the RSPCA who said they were close to death - Vera
Two dogs were found locked in a barn in Hambleton and have been rescued by the RSPCA who said they were close to death - Vera
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TWO starving dogs have been found close to death locked up in a derelict farm on the Fylde coast.

Jack – a four-year-old Spaniel – and a two-year-old Lhasa Apso-type, named Vera, were discovered emaciated with matted fur and were suffering from a skin condition and eye infection.

They were found by a member of public locked in a boarded up barn at Burrows Farm, Burrows Lane, Hambleton.

The RSPCA is now investigating.

Insp Andrea Gillett said: “These dogs were both suffering when they were found, the Lhasa Apso was so emaciated you could see her ribs and hips.

“It has taken weeks and weeks for them to get into this condition but we believe they may have been dumped at the farm just days before they were found. If they had not been found they would have died, they were already struggling and would have been in a lot of pain.

“We believe they were dumped by the same owner because of their behaviour towards each other – they are like a couple.”

The dogs are now being looked after by staff at RSPCA Blackpool branch.

Insp Gillett added: “Obviously they’ve been through an horrific trauma and were therefore extremely scared and timid. They spent a couple of nights with the vet who administered the necessary medication and fed and watered them.

“They have now perked up a bit which is wonderful to see, but these dogs have been through a tough time.

“We’re keeping an open mind about what could have happened here but it seems as though they’ve become too much for their owner who has ultimately dumped them.”

Residents today spoke of their shock.

Phil Sharples, who lives on nearby Staynall Lane, said: “The woman from the neighbouring farm found the dogs, someone has apparently come along and locked them up in one of the old buildings there.

“She was feeding some cats and heard them whimpering. They were quite emaciated but I don’t think they would have been left there very long so I’d guess they were in that state before they were left.”

It’s not clear how long the property has been derelict for, but another neighbour said dogs had been dumped in the remote area before.

He said: “We’ve had dogs dumped before because once you go beyond Burrows Farm there are no other farm buildings. So we’ve had people just dump dogs in the fields and expect them to hunt rabbits.”

A dog walker on Burrows Lane said: “It’s terrible, it’s very isolated up there because once you get to that farm there’s nothing.”

Neither dog was wearing a collar or ID and were not micro-chipped so at the moment the RSPCA has no way of tracing their owner.

Call the RSPCA 24-hour line on 0300 1234 999 and leave any information on a message for Insp Gillett.